Resolutions, sort of -2011

In case you don’t already know, I made my friends’ Valentine’s Day card this year. I spent about six hours in a span of two day pouring all of my creativity into the cards, and I’m very proud of them. But most of you don’t know why.

For the New Year that just passed, instead of creating resolutions that I’d never stick to or personality goals that I use as a cop-out, I made a bucket list. My list consists of five very seemingly average things that I have never done but I have made a goal to do this year. Most of these came out of a conversation with a co-worker, Greta. Here is what I wrote about it in the Jan. 6 edition of Ottawa Delivered.

“1. Sleep in a tent — I had very bad allergies as a child and my mom was a nurse, so I’ve never slept outside in a tent or at an overnight camp. Plus, my dad is not a Boy Scout or a hunter, and neither is my boyfriend. Maybe my boyfriend and I will attempt an overnight stay in one of the many local parks, but I doubt it. So I plan to buy a tent and set it up in the back yard. Hey, I’m all for baby steps.

2. Dye Easter eggs — Greta was shocked when I let this one slip. My parents aren’t crafty and as said before, were not into holidays. So Greta invited me to her mother-daughter tradition of Easter-egg dying in April this year. Bring it on Mrs. Lieske, I’m a fast learner.

3. Make my own Valentine’s Day cards — I don’t think this one is very shocking. My valentines in school were all store-bought. But I made my own Christmas cards this year, so why not tackle the holiday I despise the most for the sake of checking off a resolution?

4. Utilize a public laundromat — Another one that surprised Greta. Excuse me for always having access to a clothes washer and dryer. Technically, my apartment even has a washer and dryer on site that is shared among eight apartment residents, but I’ll let Greta take me to the one she goes to. It’s called staff bonding. That’s how we roll.

5. Ice skate — I’m not sure how I missed this one, honestly. My friends had ice-skating parties when I grew up, but I always seemed to miss them. But since I now live in the frozen north, I’m pretty sure I can’t get away this one for very long.”